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5 Blogs and Apps That Will Make You a MasterChef

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If you want to be a great chef, but you are just starting your way, or you want to make a great surprise for your family, the best device that can help you is your smartphone. Yes, this small thing that you usually use to call somebody can really enhance your cooking performance. Nowadays, various thematic applications and blogs can help you create a culinary masterpiece. The specialized information given in such sources will recommend you some new recipes; it will show how to make an ordinary dish better by adding different spices and will teach you countless cooking techniques. Just try to use these helpers the next time you start to cook something.

$5 Dinners

If you don’t roll in money, there is no need to starve or have only fast food or cheap noodles as your meal. This blog will provide you with the set of budgetary recipes, which will allow you to make delicious dishes and save cash. The blog maker is a mother who may advise you in what way you can cut down expenses while continuing to taste a wonderful foodstuff.


This application gives you so many opportunities that you won’t be able not to try. First of all, you can search for any needful recipe. You can save several of them for the date when you want to try them. The other function is that you may indicate which of the given recipes you’ve tried. This way you may memorize your likes or dislikes, a difficulty or easiness of cooking them. The most interesting thing is that you can create a marvelous dish from the remains in your fridge thanks to this app. All you need is only to enter the leftovers into the BigOven, and it will show you what you can make using this stuff. So, everything is done to be a useful aid in any situation.

No Recipes

It is quite a new thing in the world of culinarian blogs. Marc Matsumoto doesn’t deal with recipes. According to him, all you need is 10 percent of ingredients, 50 percent of technique and then add 40 percent of inspiration. His homemade dishes will delight everybody’s palate. There is a great number of various cuisines: Mediterranean, American, Mexican, Japanese, Italian and many others. As a bonus, there are dishes for vegetarians. You can also search for a diet, type of ingredients or type of meal. And the result you find will surely be fascinating. Dinner Spinner

It is always hard to create new dishes. You need to imagine what to cook for every dinner. But there is a good assistant – Dinner Spinner application. You just have to install it and shake your smartphone – and the random yummy recipe will appear on the screen. Moreover, you can choose the products you have, and you’ll get numerous variants of what you can cook and taste. It’s an easy way to enrich your gastronomy passions.

La Buena Vida

This is a personal blog by a traveler Nicole Franzen. She tastes different gourmet food all over the world and publishes the appetizing images with detailed comments on how to make such a gorgeous thing in your home kitchen. You can cook everything from classical Italian Panzanella to spicy Mexican taco. This colorful guide will inspire you for the new and new challenges. Thus, you’ll take a world gastronomy tour while staying at the comfort of your home.

As you can see, the main thing in culinary is to start. And these attractive and reliable blogs and apps will be a good helping hand that can teach you all the little and big secrets of the cooking art.