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About Us

Who does not like food? In today’s world we are pressed of time and try to squeeze million things into one day, which often leads to choosing a fast on-the-go food instead of healthy and well-balanced meals. But isn’t it cool to spend a little more time and prepare something really tasty and healthy for yourself?

We are sure that everyone deserves good food and is capable of cooking it himself. So, here we are going to provide you with a little (of a bigger) guidance to the food world in all its varieties. As long as there are so many things you can say about food and cooking, we will do our best to tell you about all the most important stuff (both that we consider useful and those famous chefs believe to be helpful).

What does blog about?

everything for cookingHere at our blog we hope to become a cozy place for you to come and learn cool stuff you can use in your everyday life. And one of the big parts of information we want to share with you is technologies that can make your life in general and its ‘cooking’ part in particular.

As long as there are so many cool and creative stuff being released to market every day, it is necessary that someone tell you about them and explain everything! That is why you will regularly find here, at our portal, some life hacks and tips that will make your kitchen life much easier.

You will be surprised by the amount of modern apps and gadgets that were created solely to help you in the kitchen and make cooking a more interesting and relaxing experience. From more convenient slicers to apps that help you boiling the perfect egg, to those helping you creating real culinary masterpieces with simple ingredients you can find in any fridge. And there is so much more you have never heard about!

We want to find everything and a little more about cooking tips, apps and gadgets and all the stuff to make you feel like a professional chef at the kitchen. And we want to share it with you here! Come around and stay as long as you want – we will teach you about foodsies!