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Cooking With Epicurious – New apple Watch App

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Everyone wants to improve the cooking skills or at least not to burn the steaks constantly. Epicurious app for new Apple watch is a lifeline for people who want to get a timely reminder that it is time to take the cookies out of the oven before they are charred. Due to the small screen of the app there is no possibility to see the whole recipe, however, it works well as a cooking timer.

What Epicurious Team Say

Adina Steiman, special projects editor at Epicurious, states that the main purpose of the app is to help people cook better so creators of the app came up with ideas how to make something really functional in the kitchen.

Eric Gillin, Epicurious’ executive director, explained that the whole idea of the app have appeared because of the specifications of the new Apple Watch format. Interaction with the watch would be measured in seconds so the only possible solution for the app was a timer.

Modern Cooking Adviser on Your Wrist

The app is aimed for everybody from the novices to the skilled cooks. With its help it is possible to learn how to cook comfort food as simply as ABC with a timer that will prevent overcooking of things. Even a chef can find something interesting to refresh the knowledge of cooking because no one can know cooking times of all dishes.

Before Cooking With Epicurious, developers of this company have created culinary applications for iPhone and iPad with libraries of recipes and shopping lists. But Smart Timer is a completely new experience aimed to become an adviser in kitchen matters: it will show the user when to turn the food over, how to serve the dishes and how prepared food should look like.

The most convenient way to use this app is as follows: select the kind of meat you want to fry, insert the weight and the doneness. You will get instructions, when and how long to preheat the pan. A timer will remind you to flip the meat and detailed photos will give you a clear notion how your steak should look like. Now the app is focused on the everyday food, however, soon the range of recipes will be expanded.