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13 Coolest Apps for Grocery Shopping

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Whether you are trying to shop food on a budget, thinking of a new dish to cook or looking for coupons, these 13 apps will help you out making the whole process easy and fun like never before.

On the average, we spend almost 30 days a year wandering through the grocery shops in search for the goods on our endless food lists.

Shopping lists are nothing new. Even the great Renaissance master Michelangelo used to keep grocery lists – one such is exhibited in a museum in Florence, Italy. Among other goods, Michelangelo recorded wine, bread, pasta, and fish – just like we would do it today. And though our hand-written notes are of no particular value, latest grocery digital tools can be far more helpful than just listing.

All of the apps in this article can be downloaded for free for both Apple and Android.

If you are looking for coupons and bargains


A popular rebate app not only for food but various products: from pharmacy to clothes. All you need is to scroll down the list, choose the cash back rebates you like, then visit your favorite stores and purchase the featured products. Ibotta returns money back to your account. To get them, you need to link your loyalty card and let the Ibotta scan the receipts or the bar codes. No virtual points, only real cash paybacks. Isn’t it great?


Favado lets you see what is on the sale in your favorite shops, and also compare the prices between various stores. If you are looking for a certain product, this app will show you the stores where it is available, and thus help you plan your shopping accordingly. Favado also lets you know about any coupons available for this product, save them and print out to use in a store.


With the help of this mobile app, you can open all bargains available in your favorite local stores. The advantage is that you never again have to print out and cut any coupons. Link your rewards card info, and rebates will be applied to it when you use it at the checkout.

If you want to replace your old hand-written lists


LeastEase is an easy-to-use and basic app for making shopping lists. You can build your lists by scanning or typing in barcodes. One tap is enough to move the items between the lists or check them off. LeastEase also offers discount coupons, available for printing. The app can even be accessed on the Apple Watch!


GroceryIQ lets you add the items by scanning a barcode or with the help of voice prompt or a built-in search. The app keeps your shopping history which is handy in case you are used to buying same items every time. You can share the shopping lists with your family members. Besides, this app offers coupons, which can be printed off or linked to a loyalty card.

Grocery Pal

Besides storing various lists, Grocery Pal may compare the items you are looking for at all the nearby shops and offer coupons if any are available. This app also helps you to keep an eye on weekly sales.

If you want to put all of your loyalty cards right

Key Ring

Key Ring was created to help you keep all your loyalty and membership cards in one place, saving the space in your wallet. Load each of your cards with the help of the app’s scanner or by entering the info manually. Look through the sales and coupons available and add these goods to your shopping lists. Run Key Ring when at the register to redeem your savings.

If you are eager to cook something special

This app is accompanying the great recipe website Scroll through the recipes and tap the one you like – the ingredients will be automatically added to your groceries list, which can be easily edited. The app will show you if any of the goods on the list are available on sale at the local stores. app works in reverse as well. Check what’s on sale in the “Stores” tab and get the recipes, which include the rebate products.

If you are trying to stick to a budget or a diet


BagIQ can become your best friend helping you out with food and expenses decisions. Get connected to the food stores and follow your shopping story. Scan the receipts and barcodes to let the app analyze how much money you lay out at each of the stores. Besides, BagIQ rates all the groceries you buy and suggests you healthier alternatives.

If you need some extra info about exotic food before you try it

Specialty Produce

Google is always an option when you doubt if to buy or not some, for example, exotic fruit. But isn’t it handier to get a special app that offers a mass of information – from the storage tips to history – about hundreds of most various fruits, vegetables, spices, nuts, etc.

Supermarket-specific apps

Whole Foods

The app gives you the info about coupons and food available on sales at Whole Food stores. Besides, you can choose among recipes and add the groceries you need on your shopping list.


Make your personalized shopping lists, choose among a variety of great recipes, get coupons and keep a tally of the estimated bills.


Get all the info about sales, make lists according to categories and set reminders when the groceries you need come on sale.