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Helpful Cooking Apps You Don’t Use But Should

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App marketplaces are overcrowded with different entertainment and educational mobile applications. Sphere of cooking is not an exception – here you can find hundreds of apps that will make chef’s and novice’s life easier. Cooking apps are great as step-by-step instructions for cooking complex dishes, as timers of preparing certain dish, guidelines how to serve table, carve meat and get tips from the best world-known chefs.

Here is a handpicked list of apps that may come in handy to all who learn and who know how to cook.

Big Oven

Meal planner, book of recipes, huge library of which you can use for planning your weekly menu. When you have completed the menu, the app will create a detailed grocery list. The freemium version of the app gives access to the recipes library. Subscription will remove the ads and open access to all features of the app including grocery list.

Food Network in the Kitchen

This app gathers tips from the best chefs known in the Internet, so there is no need to scroll over cooking channels on YouTube to find out how to bake turkey or make dough for pizza. Thousands of recipes are searchable by chef, food type and menu. Moreover, the app proposes multiple timers if you have to prepare multi-dish meals.

Perfect Produce

In case if a half of products in your fridge ends up in a dustbin, then this app is for you. Perfect Produce proposes loads of information how to store and fruits and vegetables and how to select them in the store.

Paprika Recipe Manager

Definite must-have for your handheld device. Here you can upload your own recipes, plan meals in advance, organize recipes in folders and create list of ingredients. And all that is available in offline mode too.


Seeing once is better than hearing twice. If that is the proverb about you, then Appetites is your app. Step-by-step video instructions given in the app will help you to cook dishes without efforts. And the app gives clear notion how prepared dish should look like.