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Top 5 Apps for Cooking You Will Definitely Like

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Need a perfect recipe for a very special occasion? Want to cook something exclusive for a romantic dinner with your loved one? Feel tempted to prepare an exotic meal for your family? Here are top 5 most useful apps for iPhone, Android and BB users that will turn tedious meal preparation into a fun and pleasant process!

Cook’s Illustrated

Need a killer recipe for your birthday party? Want to try your hand in baking? Cook’s Illustrated will help you cook the most delicious meals you have ever tasted! The app will teach you 50 main cooking concepts that, once mastered, will change your cooking experience forever!

The app also contains practical ingredient taste tests, equipment reviews, cooking videos, kitchen timer and shopping list features to make cooking a real pleasure!

Free/Available for Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8


The app is designed to simplify your shopping experience and make it more enjoyable! It can show you your past purchases and help calculate the total cost for the items on your shopping list. The app also provides interesting info and useful tips on various products to help you make a healthier and wiser food choice.

Free /Available for iOS


The app features over 30,000 delicious recipes from all over the world conveniently sorted by categories. Apart from a huge library of recipes, there is food-related news, video tutorials, useful food serving and guest entertainment tips. The app also has its chat that allows you to connect with other Epicurious users to discuss recipes, ask for advice, share photos and videos.

Free/Available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Cocktail Flow

Do you like to have a drink after a busy working day? Need awesome ideas for a cocktail party you are throwing for your colleagues? Cocktail Flow will introduce you to the secrets of mixology and offer hundreds of exciting cocktail recipes with detailed visual instructions! Choose your drink by ingredients or colors, make a list of your favorites, search for new ideas and create unique cocktails with Cocktail Flow!

Free/Available for Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8

Evernote Food

Evernote Food is a reliable cooking partner for anyone! Evernote Food allows saving recipes from anywhere on the web to your own cookbook for a later use. It is also a great app for documenting every step of your meal cooking process, taking notes, snapping photos, sharing them with your friends on social networks etc.

Free/Available for Android, iOS